by Stu Proudfoot 

Illustrated by Beth Masureik

This is the official website for the book written by my dad and illustrated by his friend Beth

All profits from our book go directly to Hand in Hand for Aid and Development


Cambridge News (and my little brother)

18th November 2019

Matchday programme

7th December 2019

Hitting the bookshops!

8th December 2019

Reaching Syria

March 2020


My dad's blurb

Nadia's got a new phone and she won't put it down for anyone. Not even Hamid.

Charmingly illustrated in full colour, this endearing, laugh-out-loud tale of an increasingly frustrated owl's seemingly unrequited love is the perfect gift for those social media addicts who have become a little too attached to their mobile devices, and who can just about tolerate a good dad joke.

Mobile phones aren't just a distraction for cute little owls, of course. I wrote this treetop romance on my own smartphone on my journey into work. I once missed my stop because I was so preoccupied with it. I've also walked into pedestrians, many of whom were similarly absorbed. It's so annoying when people are glued to these tiny screens, not looking where they're going, isn't it? Well, this is the point of my story. Research suggests around half of us are so attached to our phones that we even use them on the toilet. I certainly spend an awful lot of time on my device (my phone, not my toilet). Too much time. It's become an extension of my very being.

I am Nadia. You may well be Nadia. If not, you'll almost certainly know a Nadia. My story might be for them.


Our inspiration

This is where our story began. A gift my dad bought for his friend Nadia in a Hokkaido hotel back in 2017, from a very talented carver called Mr Keishi Sugimoto. I loved his carvings, and have one of some cats in my bedroom.


Why? Because this...

Look around you. If you've been looking around you for as long as my dad has, you'll have noticed that society and the way we interact with one another - or not - has changed. My dad will be blogging on the subject and here are a few posts from social media which illustrate it.

Ever experienced phantom vibration syndrome?


The debate...

... was perfectly encapsulated at an interdisciplinary talk held on 11 March 2019 at Jesus College's Intellectual Forum, part of the Cambridge Science Festival. This thought-provoking event was streamed live – click here for the entire broadcast, and it's also worth checking out #miserabletech on Twitter.